Chief Soil Scientist
Message from Dr. Elaine Ingham on January 4, 2018


The toxic chemicals in conventional agriculture are KILLING insects, and microbes. Then when those chemicals accumulate, they can kill larger organisms, like people. What Dr. Elaine Ingham does is teach people how to reverse these chemical dependencies.

"Conventional" agriculture is all about trying to get people to buy inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and minerals that kill the beneficial organisms in the soil so they are never then able to return to do the jobs that nature intended them to do. 

Of course, this keeps growers "addicted" to buying more, and more, and more of those chemicals from the big chemical companies.  And the money that the people doing the work --- i.e., the growers --- ends up in the bank accounts of the toxic chemical pushers, instead of staying in the grower's pocket.

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