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Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, we’ve chosen to believe that we can go on living the way we’ve always done. We can’t. Our past choices are catching up to us rapidly. 


— Jeff Rubin, Author
former Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets

Green Earthology, Inc. understands the costly environmental challenges your company faces.

There’s a new business climate today.  Environmentalists have been diligent about bringing public awareness to the detrimental effects of industry on our earth, in our air and in our water.  Industries are facing increasing environmental regulations and government oversight, along with massive fines and remediation costs when past and present operating decisions inadvertently damage the environment.

We found there is little in the way of assistance to help businesses protect the environment, while protecting their profits, their companies and their employees and we now have the solutions. 




Green Earthology, Inc. represents a new breed of environmentalists, called eco-capitalists.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and environmentalism so that companies and governments can benefit from reducing their environmental footprint while they increase their financial bottom lines.


Technological advances have evolved to a point now where we can reduce consumption, increase profits and protect the environment for future generations.  The bottom line is that companies can make more profits and save more money by becoming green. 

— Kevin Fretz

Green Earthology, Inc.

We recognize that old technologies and methods of operation cost companies millions of dollars in energy and water consumption, waste production and removal, and loss of productivity. These technologies are often at the root of grave environmental problems that threaten the future of our children and grandchildren, as well as our own health and well-being. But what if companies could reduce their energy costs, reduce their water use, and turn their pollution and waste into profitable revenue sources?


Green Earthology, Inc. assists corporations and government to transform environmental challenges into environmental capital.  We do this by providing customized solutions for specific environmental challenges, using highly advanced, scientifically proven, clean, green technologies and novel green products.  Our solutions are designed to ensure companies can increase their profits and governments can assist businesses to grow the economy by becoming less wasteful and more efficient.  


Companies that are today viewed as the problem will be the same companies that provide the environmental solutions of tomorrow.  


—Kevin Fretz,  Green Earthology, Inc.


Green Earthology, Inc. makes it easy for companies to vertically integrate new, clean, energy-conserving technologies.  Specifically, our breakthrough environmental models harness chemical and biological processes found in nature to decrease or eliminate pollution.  We accomplish reduction in water and energy consumption, rejuvenate nutrient depleted soils and transform waste into clean, green energy sources.  Protecting the bottom line, PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFIT.


Green Earthology, Inc. provides industries and governments with a wide range of environmental programs, services and products:


  • Cap and Trade carbon credit programs

  • Food waste diversion programs

  • Landfill waste diversion programs

  • Water conservation programs

  • Close the Loop sustainability programs

  • CO2 emissions reduction

  • Depleted soil remediation

  • Pesticides and fertilizer reduction or elimination

  • Soil testing and engineering

  • Toxic runoff elimination

  • Waste to clean energy conversion


  • Bio Char production and supply

  • Recycling equipment

  • Equipment financing and rental



Commercial Composting

Landscape Maintenance

Pulp and Paper


Sports Arenas/golf courses
Waste Management Companies

Waste to Energy Resources

Water Conservation


City Planning

City-Run Landfill and Sewage Operations

Energy Agencies

Environmental Agencies

Land Redevelopment Agencies

Parks and Recreation Departments

Water Districts

Retirement Communities

Residential Communities


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