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President - Equipment Division

Mark has been a Waste Management Advisor for over 25 years, managing numerous shopping centers, office buildings and various commercial buildings to incorporate efficient waste stream management.  He begins by performing an audit of current waste streams to negotiate better hauling rates, while introducing compactors, balers and cutting edge technologies to provide positive results in our client's bottom line. 


Diverting waste results in substantial cost savings to our customers and Mark provides the latest in quality waste and recycling equipment, including front load and roll off style, self-contained and stationary compactors, balers, and food waste dehydrators.  Mark has developed excellent relationships with equipment manufacturers and his large client base and customized products provide turn-key equipment rental and leasing programs.   

Knowing how vital food waste diversion is to proper and efficient waste stream management, Green Earthology has become a major distributor of food waste dehydrator machines. This equipment dehydrates food waste and produces a highly concentrated soil amendment, which combined with key ingredients, can be used as a significant water saving fertilizer, donated or sold as a commodity.  Our programs divert tons of food waste annually from US landfills.

Mark is passionate about proper and efficient waste management.  He is excited about the benefits his expertise, combined with the latest and innovative equipment, can provide our clients that choose to partner with Green Earthology.